Welcome to HawaiianUrns.com

Our online gallery displays and sells some of the finest art objects created from exotic woods grown in the Hawaiian Islands. We are located in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The gallery is exclusively dedicated to selling turned, sculpted or crafted wood art that are appropriate for display as art object and used for burial urns.

Please note that each urn is an individual, hand crafted piece of art. Each piece of wood is different and have their own characteristics, each bowl or vessel is the result of both the nature of the wood and the expression of the artist, therefore, each object will be different.

As you browse our gallery, you will find that we have a diverse selection of urns, enclosed bowls and vessels turned from the beautiful exotic woods of Hawaii.

We at HawaiianUrns.com understand the loss of a loved one is very trying and traumatic time. Suddenly you are faced with decisions, many of which you have not had the time to prepare for. Let us help you and your family choose vessel to honor your loved one.

We offer many sizes and styles, whether you are choosing an urn for internment or as a beautiful keepsake to place precious belongings, all of our pieces are designed and created to provide years of beauty and the feeling of Aloha.

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